Speech by Nathalie YAMB at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi

This is a transcript of Nathalie YAMB speech at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi

Discours de Nathalie YAMB au sommet Russie-Afrique à Sotchi

First of all, I would like to thank the Russian authorities and the Africa team for allowing me to come and express my views, those of my party and those of Professor Mamadou Koulibaly, candidate for the 2020 presidential election in Ivory Coast on the sovereignty, on African values, on the development emergencies in Africa and the role that Russia can play in it.

Talking about African identity is easy because the identity and values of Africans are no different from those of the rest of humanity.

We have the same feelings of compassion and the same aspirations for freedom, for dignity, for justice and property. However, it is clear that after slavery, after colonization, after the pseudo-independence, we have the right to be free… but only within the French pen.

French-speaking Africa is still under the control of France in October 2019.

This dates back to 1884 when the colonial powers met in Berlin to share Africa without Africans having a say. Germany, Spain, England and Portugal have since come to understand the need to break out of the Berlin conference scheme and redefine the contours of new cooperation with African countries. Not France, which moves forward wearing masks and still considers the African continent to be its property.

The peoples of Africa, and especially the youth, are claiming with increasing vigour their need for democracy, their right to self-determination, the right to decide with whom they want to trade, with whom they want to pay for this trade. without placing them under the tutelage of an ex-colonial power that always presents itself on the world stage as our spokesperson and our lawyer.

We want to get out of the CFA franc, which Paris with the complicity of its African lackeys wants to perpetuate under the name ECO and which does not allow any industrialization of French-speaking Africa.

The conquest of our monetary sovereignty is crucial because the only stability that the CFA franc guarantees to the countries that use it is poor governance, poverty and corruption.

We want the dismantling of French military bases which, under the guise of bogus defence agreements, serve only to enable the plundering of our resources, the maintenance of rebellions, the training of terrorists and the maintenance of dictators ruling our states.

We do not want France to continue to usurp Africa’s voice at the United Nations, to be the basis of almost all resolutions concerning the continent.

Asian countries have learned to start trading with foreign direct investment while we are getting drunk with official development assistance.

As a result, they are brics and emerging countries and we are beggars who are very proud to be called poor countries very indebted. That has to change, that will change and Russia has a role to play in this evolution.

But we do not come to Russia to look for new masters that will replace the old ones.

We come here to find partners to make winning business for Russia as well as for the African countries concerned. Africa is full of potential, as my predecessors have already said there is a population that is growing, 60% of which are less than 30 years old, a geostrategic position of immense agricultural and above all human, natural, mineral resources.

On the military level, the presence of Russia, which does not have a colonial tradition, can help to rebalance things in French-speaking countries, and I believe that the Central African Republic example that the Minister of Defence could better talk about is one of the most telling.

In Ivory coast, for example, we have a huge need for military training and army restructuring.

On the economic front, Sochi’s promise must be breaking with the current impoverishing lock-up where France seems to have locked the fields of water, electricity, roads, bridges, ports, by monopolies protected by governments or through over-the-counter contracting without tender.

In order for us to finally move towards an opening of the economy to all, especially to Russian industries and companies in the agricultural, mining, energy sectors of industrial processing, education and training, there are some Full.

the Ivorian coastline, for example, which alternates lagoons, rivers and the sea is 570 km long and is full of untapped or under-exploited potential in shipping and lagoon transport, in the desensitization of river mouths that can become navigable, in the hotel industry, tourism, luxury housing, lagoon transport between coastal cities given the disastrous state of our roads.

Finally, politically and diplomatically, the world and Russia must stop seeing us through the distorting glasses of the contemptuous, deceitful and denier storytelling of France that subjugate us.

Africa does not need a guardian at the UN Africa, nor does it need new owners but Russia has its place as a partner in a logic of Commonwealth, shared enrichment and invigorating and innovative collaboration between private sectors.

The world is moving, the lines are changing, next year 2020 is that of presidential elections in Togo, Burkina Fasso, Niger, Central African Republic, Guinea and Ivory Coast to speak only of French-speaking Africa.

Let us hope that it will see the coming to power of leaders really chosen by the peoples who will finally prioritize openness to the world and new and innovative business opportunities with stupid and stupid enslavement to the settlers of yesterday and today thank you

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